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About Us

We are a veteran run organization that provides scholarships to young people either contemplating a career in the military or healthcare and/or participated in a JROTC program at their high school.


When a soldier gives his life, it is not just the sacrifice of his young life that is given, but the sacrifice of everything that he would have experienced if he had come home. That’s the real sacrifice.

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Young Female Student

Tori McDuffie, Student

"This scholarship was not only a great help in allowing me to pursue a higher education, but it also has a very sentimental value to it.. It was an honor to receive and I am beyond thankful for the opportunities it has given me.  I'm sure future recipients will be just as grateful as I am, and it will be just as impactful for their lives."

Marilyn Searcey,
Frederick Killmon's daugther

"The Frederick Russell Killmon Foundation is one way we are ensuring that his memory will carry on and lives will be changed through educational scholarships and special project grants in his name. Semper Fidelis."

2023 Recipient...coming soon

The Killmon Foundation Scholarship is...

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